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State of the Art iCAT Technology

Delivering sophisticated 3D dental imaging solutions to doctors in the Atlanta metro area since 2007.

CT Scans At Your Office

Our streamlined scanning process makes completing a scan simple and trouble free. Our process saves time and reduces the stress accompanied with completing a traditional scan.

Low-Dose CT Scans

Our i-CAT scanner features Quick Scan which allows for a low-dose scan taking less than 30 seconds.













We Extend Caring

We extend CARING to the scan process and patients LOVE the convenience.

Our 3D scans show details that are invisible on 2D images, such as nerve patterns and mental nerve loops, impactions, supernumeraries, root angulations and distance between roots and adjacent teeth.

REGISTER Your Dental Office

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3D Conversions

With our CT scans, you can access affordable DICOM data conversions with scatter cleanup, nerve mapping and colorization.

Treatment Planning

Spend more time with patients by accessing an implant specialist and creating an effective treatment plan.

Surgical Guides

The CT scans we provide are the first step in creating surgical guides–bone, tooth or mucosa supported.

Using the iCAT CD Data Disk

Radiology Reports